Finance and accounting services consistently deliver cost reductions, scalability and efficiencies for a long-term partner


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Finance and accounting services consistently deliver cost reductions, scalability and efficiencies for a long-term partner

The Client

An industry leader in human capital solutions, the client provides outsourced human resources and payroll administration.

The Challenge

The client was looking to drive efficiencies and process improvements in their internal accounting activities.  They were looking for a long-term partner to deliver core internal functions needed to support the growth and success of the business.

The Solution

We have been providing Finance and Accounting services to the client now for almost 20 years, from our offshore facility in the Philippines.  The highly experienced and dedicated team provide a range of services via the client's own internal systems including:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • General ledger reconciliation and accounting setup
  • Accounts Receiving and Payable processing
  • Journal entries
  • Updating the cash sheet
  • Internal payroll and billing
  • Reporting services including:  Gross profit analysis and other ad hoc requirements requested

Delivering substantial cost savings to our client, the team are also focused on delivering against SLA’s based on quality, productivity and turnaround time on tasks.  Over the life of the contract, we have achieved over 99.8% against quality, consistently exceeded the productivity targets and delivered 100% against the agreed turnaround times.

Long service and experience delivering great results for the client

64% of the current team have been working on the account for over 3 years. As the client saw rapid growth over the past few years due to mergers and acquisitions,  we scaled our team by recruiting and training staff to meet additional requirements.  

Each new member of staff undergoes a rigorous 4-week training programme which includes an in-depth insight to the client company, specific training on the financial tasks to be completed and the company systems as well as a lengthy period of work shadowing so team members are able to achieve the stretching targets required.  Work is constantly evaluated against both the quality and time metrics and retraining offered if necessary.

Flexibility and scalability to meet client requirements

Over the past three years, the client has undergone several changes including acquisitions and mergers with associated businesses.  This created growth in the volume of work required as the new business areas were integrated in the organisation. The team in the Philippines needed to proactively scale to manage the additional workflow and proactively made suggestions as to how the volume of work could be tackled, through automation, without creating significant additional costs for the client.

A strong relationship over 20 years

Our Philippines-based team are seen as core partners by the client. Consistent quality is maintained with weekly calls between the delivery team and the client’s US-based head office.

We work collaboratively with annual, strategic client visits to ADEC Philippines offices. Our senior team members also travel to the client offices in the US, to support new technology or systems rollout, to receive training and to offer guidance on using systems in a live environment.  

The client comments:

“The team members in ADEC Philippines strive for excellence in all that they do for us.  They are extremely self-motivated to deliver exceptional levels of service, especially in how they manage their communication with us – ensuring that they are as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstanding.  

The team managers work proactively to make recommendations as to how processes and performance can be improved – even without prompting from us – and when issues are identified they work quickly to resolve them.  Quality is consistently high, and they take an ‘out of the box’ approach to create reports that we would not have been able to produce internally.  

The team take full ownership and where we are in terms of business success is in no small part due to the team’s performance.”