Reducing costs and ensuring performance for a Global Logistics company across 10m global transactions


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A Global Logistics Provider


Reducing costs and ensuring performance for a Global Logistics company across 10m global transactions

About The Client

A top-10 logistics provider with global operations, multi-billion revenue and a strong reputation for customer service and accuracy.

The Challenge

Accurate cash application to customer invoices is crucial for profitability. The client needed help supporting a cash application process that is high volume, quite complex and exceedingly nuanced. 

The use of technology enabled the client to handle a large percentage of the transactions, but there was a need to process exceptions manually at the lowest possible cost, within a compressed timeline.  This avoided incorrect pricing tariffs being applied and enabled accurate invoicing and payment reconciliation on customer accounts.  

The client’s overall objective was to reduce costs whilst maintaining high performance levels across the whole process.  It was critical to meet the required 24-hour turnaround time as well as reducing the percentage of revenue lost through incorrect invoicing or labelling.  The activity was extremely high volume and needed to be completed on a 24/7 basis – with ambitious targets to achieve less than 3% unapplied cash.

The volumes were also subject to seasonal fluctuation that could occur with short notice, so the solution had to be completely scalable. The resource needed to grow and contract to meet the demands of the programme, with the required specialist knowledge of the business, systems and processes.

Our Solution

We delivered a hybrid operation with an offshore solution spanning Kenya and the Philippines to support the clients’ cash application processes with exceptional accuracy, handling significant volumes and reducing overall costs.  We recruited and trained a specialist team in key locations, reducing the requirement for the client to manage the team internally.  

The service was designed to handle the high-volume transactional work 24/7 at a competitive cost structure.  The structure of the solution allowed us to scale and flex at pace, and the multi-site nature of the provision meant back-up was always available should an issue arise in either location.  Our global presence provided reassurance, and the ability to deliver across all time zones was highly valued, along with the knowledge that we could scale up teams in different locations when needed - allowing the client to manage risk.

Over the course of a 14-year relationship, we have demonstrated adaptability and flexibility – scaling the solution to meet the needs of the business whilst ensuring seamless continuity of service, excellent performance and continued cost reduction.  

Our services are integral to meeting the Global Logistics’ client’s key metrics consistently. In just one example, the unapplied cash percentage is a crucial metric. In Fiscal Year 22 we consistently delivered within set targets: 

  • Unapplied cash at 2.5% against the target of < 3.0%
  • 24-hour turnaround times met consistently 
  • 10+ million transactions processed annually 

"ADEC Arise does an excellent job of performing the processes currently outsourced to them. They understand our business, systems, and processes extremely well. As additional processes are moved to them, they do a great job of working with us to ensure proper documentation and training occur so the transition is seamless. We have regular quality calls where any concerns are quickly addressed, and the response is always very timely."

Director of Enterprise Business Services Operations