Setting up a relationship for success from Day One


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Setting up a relationship for success from Day One

About Client

ComReg is the statutory body responsible for regulating the electronic communications and postal sectors, facilitating competition, protecting consumers, and encouraging innovation.

The Challenge

ComReg’s existing relationship with their outsource Customer Service provider was coming to an end and they kicked off a competitive tendering process by way of the open government online procurement procedure. Arise was awarded the contract, scoring higher in the procurement process than any other bidder. Timescales for starting delivery were tight: handover from the previous service provider had to be finished in just six weeks.

Our Solution

As soon as the contract was signed, we mobilised the team. The first challenge was that due to rules governing the tender process, there had not been any interaction between us and the stakeholders at ComReg in advance of the project commencement. This meant that relationships between the two organizations had to be built from scratch. 

The first priority was to show ComReg the new space that had been earmarked for the new team, even though it was a Bank Holiday weekend. And despite it being a completely empty shell, with no fit-out, the ComReg team put their confidence in our structured ‘Just in Time’ delivery plan. 

Whilst the office fit-out was kicking off, the training team spent time at ComReg’s offices, immersing themselves in the business and transferring key training materials into the Arise ”Way of Learning”, designing an in-depth training programme. Arise HR were able to recruit key personnel with experience in the Electronic Communications sector, which meant they already had a detailed understanding of the end customer, the complexities of the industry and how things worked. 

The two teams worked closely together, and stakeholders within each business were ‘partnered’ to ensure that communication was happening throughout the different levels engaged in the delivery plan. Tight timescales meant that there was absolutely no room for misunderstanding and each party needed to make sure that conversations were open and honest so everybody had very clear expectations and an understanding of what was to be delivered.

Coincidentally, go-live was scheduled to happen over another Bank Holiday weekend. The Arise team took it upon themselves to be on-site over the weekend to test systems as soon as they were switched over from the previous service provider. Due to the nature of the contract, there was no opportunity to carry out a staged migration so Arise had to be prepared to take on the whole service from 8am on the morning of service switch over. The team and office were fully ready, and the service was migrated seamlessly.

From the minute we appointed our new outsource partner, we knew delivery was going to be tight. It made for a very intense six weeks, but we had a shared vision with the ADEC-Arise team of what we wanted to achieve. From day one we were incredibly impressed with their openness, attention to detail, and their commitment to delivering an excellent service. There was a high level of trust between the partners, and the responsiveness of the entire team — from senior leadership to training providers to operations delivery — was second to none. 

 From the beginning of our relationship, ADEC-Arise took the responsibility for delivering on time and actively sought to take on accountability for the workload, which gave us complete confidence in the timeline. We felt the whole team was on top of the plan from Day One, keeping us in the loop. Although there was contingency built in, the “Just in Time” nature of the plan was faultless. It really set us up for a great working relationship going forward.

- Therese Hourigan, Head of Retail Policy, ComReg