Impact Sourcing

ADEC has a long history of bringing employment opportunities to communities and regions where they’re needed most.   

What is impact sourcing?

Empowering people and communities with limited economic opportunity is at the heart of impact sourcing. Organizations demonstrate impact sourcing in action when they recruit from:

  • Disadvantaged areas where employment is low, but potential is high, for example in rural areas and developing regions: or,
  • Marginalized groups looking for new paths into employment and economic opportunity – such veterans, single parents or differently abled individuals.

Impact sourcing at ADEC Arise

ADEC has invested in bringing employment opportunities to remote and disadvantaged communities and regions for many years. As an outsourced service provider, the way we develop our operations ensures new career paths for less advantaged individuals. We have successful impact sourcing initiatives in Kenya and the Philippines and are always looking to expand our impact sourcing footprint.

ADEC’s impact sourcing approach creates a virtuous circle:

  • Our clients benefit from an outsourced model that delivers value and ethical employment.
  • Our people benefit from skills development and economic opportunities.
  • Local communities benefit from injection of capital that comes with employment and skillsets attract further employment and investment opportunities.

Key stats from our teams

99.5% Accuracy

99.5% SLA Achievement

<2% Monthly Attrition

How impact sourcing benefits clients

An impact sourcing approach helps companies reach their CSR goals. By outsourcing to us, clients ensure part of their work is delivered by employees from less advantaged regions and communities. This approach delivers direct social benefits that are measured and reported in line with CSR needs.

An impact sourced workforce is highly resilient. People are more engaged and motivated, attrition rates are lower and great results are achieved at a lower cost.

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