Energy Retail

Trusted by regulators and utilities to deliver best in class customer contact services – helping businesses to reduce costs and deliver an excellent customer experience.
“Having an experienced partner who can provide an external viewpoint on the way we service our customers helps us to see the bigger picture and anticipate future challenges. The team are proactive, responsive and approachable – they love to take on board different approaches to see what can be done better and they are open to feedback. We’ve got a great working relationship on all levels across the organization – we are all very much part of one team.” Katherine Harris, Customer Success Manager, CRU ”


Energy retailers are under constant scrutiny – and delivering the right level of customer services is crucial for this vital industry.

Our model can flex to meet the changing needs of an industry that needs to react quickly to issues and changing regulatory requirements.  Managed onshore in Ireland by our team of customer experience experts, you have the option of delivery onshore, offshore or a blended model, depending on your requirements.

And our focus on cost and customer service excellence means your customers are in safe hands.

What we do:

Omnichannel CX support/service

Expert support across all channels - including voice, text, email or digital.

Complaints Management

Extensive experience of complaints handling in complex industries.

Payment and Credit Processing

Managing payments across multiple systems.

Out of Hours Customer Support

24/7/extended hours/contigency or overflow expert support across all channels - including voice, text, email or digital.

Web Assistance

Specialist web chat teams and ability to use AI chatbots for an enhanced digital 24/7 experience.

B2B and B2C 

Experience in the provision of services in both B2B and B2C.


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