Utilities & Telecoms

Trusted by both IT hardware and software provides, as well as consumer technology, to provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line technical and customer support.
“......ADEC Arise gave us what we needed to not only put in place measures to correct some of the initial issues, but also allowed us to challenge our suppliers to improve their own processes and systems so that we could avoid many of the issues at source. We were also able to improve the training we gave our sales channels, so they could ‘fault find’ before customers got ‘stuck’ in the system. This was a massive programme of work, and never before had we had the level of support and insight that enabled us to drive improvements from first customer touch point to service delivery. ADEC Arise enabled us to deliver significant cost savings and customer experience improvements and was a true partner throughout the process.......”


Our extensive experience focuses on delivering effective and efficient customer service and back office support that enables Utilities and Telecoms businesses to drive up NPS whilst controlling costs. 

Our range of services ranges from inbound customer service enquiries, through to B2B technical support, scheduling engineer visits and providing technical support for installs, as well as billing and customer management.

What we do:

Omnichannel CX support/service

Expert support across all channels - including voice, text, email or digital.

Complaints Management

Extensive experience of complaints handling in complex industries.

Payment and Credit Processing

Managing payments across multiple systems.

Out of Hours Customer Support

24/7/extended hours/contigency or overflow expert support across all channels - including voice, text, email or digital.

Web Assistance

Specialist web chat teams and ability to use AI chatbots for an enhanced digital 24/7 experience.

B2B and B2C 

Experience in the provision of services in both B2B and B2C.

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