ADEC Innovations Acquires ARISE Europe

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ADEC Innovations expands its global Business Processing and Workforce Solutions into Europe and provides further depth in its technological support services including ESG Data Assured solutions

ADEC Innovations, recognised global leader in designing, developing, and delivering solutions and services in critical areas of sustainable development, today announced that it has acquired ARI Services Europe Ltd. (ARISE Europe). ARISE Europe is a 20-year leading and award-winning provider of on-demand, global customer experience (CX) and management services and solutions based in Limerick, Ireland.

“Businesses, public agencies, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) need to ensure they are operating efficiently and sustainably – meeting obligations to their entire ecosystem of stakeholders, including customers, employees, communities, the environment, and shareholders,” said James M. Donovan, Global CEO of ADEC Innovations. “By bringing ARISE Europe into the group, we realise technological synergies which will allow us to deliver higher quality and better customer-focused Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) assurance services and solutions to our clients. We also look forward to expanding our global Workforce Solutions into Europe and to providing further depth in our technological support services, particularly in our ESG Data Assured solutions.”
ADEC Innovations’ ESG Data Assured solutions help organisations turn vast and diverse internal and supply chain information into practical operational insights towards sustainable development. As part of this service, ADEC Innovations identifies and extracts data from existing systems, sources, programmes, and portals. The company then verifies, aggregates, and standardises the information collected from these disparate sources and presents customised ESG information at scale. ESG Data Assured solutions eliminate the need for organisations to engage additional reporting initiatives, applications, or tools by maximising the value and impact of internally available systems and data. With the addition of ARISE Europe’s expertise in regulatory and customer service innovation, clients will benefit from enhanced ESG Data Assured solutions.

By becoming part of the ADEC Innovations group, ARISE Europe will strengthen its resource support, stability, and longevity as it continues to deliver complex, highly reliable, back-office and CX processes, high quality technical support, manufacturing support and process consultancy services. In addition to expanding and strengthening its technological service offerings, ARISE Europe will now be able to scale and extend its geographical reach beyond Ireland.

“After more than 20 years of management ownership, we wanted to ensure a growing and sustainable future for ARISE Europe,” said Joe Cahalane, Managing Director of ARISE Europe. “In addition to augmenting our service portfolio and extending our market reach, it was important for ARISE Europe to be part of a company that is compatible with our business and how we operate. ADEC Innovations meets all of these criteria, including its decades of experience and expertise in providing diverse BPO and KPO solutions, in a collaborative, resourceful, and agile manner.”
ARISE Europe’s employees will join the 4,400 strong workforce that ADEC Innovations has across 20 sites located in 16 countries and covering 6 continents. ADEC Innovations Group CEO James Donovan added,

“We welcome ARISE Europe’s clients, employees, and partners to the group. With this acquisition, ADEC Innovations expands its global presence to Ireland and other parts of Europe; and collectively, we will offer current and future clients greater opportunities to reduce costs and risks, optimize resource use, and drive operational efficiencies, in a world where sustainability matters.”
About ARISE Europe
Arise designs and delivers award-winning Customer and Technical Support services on behalf of clients. With a 20-year track record of running complex services across a diverse range of sectors, Arise Europe are trusted by clients to represent their brand. Our people are passionate about embracing new technologies, leveraging data-driven insights and delivering process improvements to provide the best service experience to our clients’ customers.

About ADEC Innovations
ADEC Innovations is a world leader in designing, developing, and delivering innovative solutions and services in critical areas in sustainable development, i.e., ESG, healthcare and knowledge management. Since 1996, ADEC Innovations has advanced sustainable practices around the world and helped organisations grow and operate responsibly. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with a network of thousands of employees across 16 countries and 6 continents, ADEC Innovations works with governments, coalitions, and businesses to help organisations meet their evolving needs and drive performance in a world where sustainability matters.

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