Are non-core business processes preventing your business from growing?

Are non-core business processes preventing your business from growing? image
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Growth is a key objective of nearly every business owner. You’ve created an organisation that you are really proud of, with great people, and are ready to take it to the next step. But you just don’t seem to have any time! There comes a point when you find your time being taken up with all the important, but non-core processes, of running a business: Finance and accounts, HR, and Customer Service. So how can you free up headspace to concentrate on doing the things that are core, that differentiate you from the competition, and enable your business to grow?

The first thing to do is identify those things that are absolutely core to what you do. What are the things that are so important that only you and your business can deliver them? These are your core-competencies and the things you should focus on in order to achieve business growth. All the things that fall outside of that list are processes that aren’t core, but may well still have reputational risk attached. 

Take Customer Service for example. Whilst that is a pretty important part of your business, chances are it’s not a core skill for your people and involves significant investment in training and technology. Getting Customer Service right can take up a massive amount of time, energy and focus, which means you may take your eye off other parts of your business. 

Here at Arise we partner with organisations who understand that getting Customer Service and Back Office processes right is absolutely critical to their business success, but who know that their skills and focus is better spent ‘on’ their business rather than ‘in’ it. 

We also understand that it’s very common for business owners to worry that outsourcing Customer Service or Back Office functions could be a costly burden on a business as well as the additional perceived risk of having a third-party interact with your customers on your behalf. This is why it is absolutely critical when selecting an outsource partner that they can clearly demonstrate the skills and experience necessary to deliver on your specific requirements. Over time, trust is earned and this is the basis for any successful outsource relationship.

The right partner should concentrate on delivering efficiencies by using their experience and expertise to drive down costs to your business, all whilst improving service levels to your end customers. Our experience focuses on delivering better customer outcomes for our clients, through the use of the latest technology ,expert training and in-depth understanding and analysis of data– all of which deliver proven efficiencies and improved reputation for our clients

 If you are struggling to grow your business because you are spending too much time on the ‘day job’ and not enough time on what comes next, perhaps think about whether it’s your non-core functions that might be holding you back. Here at Arise, we pride ourselves on working with clients to make sure that our service and culture fits with the companies we represent. Talk to us about how outsourcing those non-core areas could ‘free up’ your business for success.

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