ADEC Arise at Future of Utilities Smart Energy

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Trusted by regulators and utilities to deliver best in class customer contact services – helping businesses to reduce costs and deliver an excellent customer experience.

ADEC Arise, now part of the global ADEC Innovations Group, provides award-winning global workforce solutions - with more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record of helping clients achieve excellence in outsourced customer and technical support.


ADEC Arise at Future of Utilities Smart Energy

Recent announcements by the UK energy regulator have meant that energy retailers have to look at their customer service provision.  Requirements for extended hours and 24/7 support for off-supply customers will pose a challenge for small and medium suppliers - who have to strike a fine balance between delivering the right levels of customer service with remaining profitable.

Offshoring customer services can bring many benefits, including cost efficiencies, but often companies are worried about the complexity involved in getting the process right.  And with many well documented failures around offshoring, it's vital that the right plans are put in place.

Energy Suppliers need to consider all the available options right now, including looking to see whether offshoring part or all of their customer service functionality can help them to deliver the high levels of service they need to comply with the regulator's expecations, whilst staying within the budgets they have already allocated.

Our latest guide aims to help you take the first steps to offshoring - making sure you get it right first time!


ADEC Arise at Future of Utilities Smart Energy

With upcoming changes to the Ofgem requirements on how energy suppliers service their customers, smaller and medium suppliers will have to consider a number of challenges when looking at their customer servicing model. We’ve outlined some of those challenges in our latest blog post.


ADEC Arise at Future of Utilities Smart Energy

Over the last ten years we’ve worked with Ireland’s Energy and Water regulator, Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) to help them drive continuous improvement through their customer service functions. As the market continues to evolve at pace, it’s key that their approach to serving consumers also evolves. Our latest case study showcases how we’ve worked in partnership to continually improve the way that CRU meets consumer demand.

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