Data Services

Transform disparate data into precise metrics and dependable reports for ESG, CSR, and IFRS assessments and compliance.


Turn disparate data into reliable reports and metrics with tech-enabled, human-driven Data Assured services

Maintaining accurate, complete and verifiable data across diverse sources is becoming increasingly difficult in today's complex business landscape.

Our Data Assured solution is an end-to-end data service that gives businesses transparency and confidence in their data acquisition, processing, management and delivery.

We use innovative tools, as well as our specialist team, to ensure that data is accurately collected, cleaned and sorted, managed, and reported as required, to meet a myriad of different business case uses - including US and EU formal ESG requirements.

Our unique ‘Plan, Acquire, Manage, Report, and Deliver’ approach makes use of cutting-edge automation, with a human in the loop’  to ensure exceptions are managed with accuracy and efficiency.  

  • Strategic and technical consulting to help you understand your data requirements
  • Manual and/or automated data collection - including Qualitative Surveys
  • Data Warehousing
  • Collating and collecting external datasets
  • ETL Processes
  • Creating a full suite of reporting products, including data visualisation, business intelligence, etc
  • Deliver in formats required to meet the requirements of the IFRS, ISSB, and EU CSRD

We can manage data from any source, in any format in a fully verifiable and auditable process.

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